Review: Face in a Book

All my life, I have lived near bookstores.  Or it has seemed like it, because I come from a family of avid readers, frequenting bookstores since I was a child in India.  I have an almost atavistic response to books: I use nearly all of my senses in experiencing them (except for taste.  I’ve yet to lick a book.  Give me time.)  The feel of the cover, the rustle of the pages as they are turned, the snap of flipping a page for the first time, the roughness of the edges if they are the torn style, the smooth edges if they are gold-tipped, the smell when you stick your nose right up into the binding, the beauty of the cover and binding… it’s almost spiritual.

When Borders closed up shop a few years ago, I was devastated.  That was my local refuge from the home, from the demanding needs of my then infants, my escape into new worlds and experiences.  Yes, there were books at Target, but that didn’t really count.  There was no sense of the almost-holy when you walked through the aisles.

So when I heard that Face in a Book was opening up in Town Center (El Dorado Hills), a couple miles from my home, I was thrilled.  And I’ve been a frequent visitor ever since.  My children and I go there almost every weekend, and relish the calm, almost sanctuary-like feel of the space.  It is tiny, very tiny, but it still imparts that hallowed feel you get when you are in the presence of so much knowledge just waiting to be ingested.

The owner has done a fantastic job of incorporating herself into the community, hosting local authors for book signings and readings, book clubs, and kid-friendly events.  She also has a frequent buyer program (which I just cashed in) where you get ten dollars off after your tenth book purchase.

Prices are not discounted, so if you know what you want, and are willing to wait for it, I’m sure you will Amazon your purchases.  And I do that, definitely.  I also buy books for my Kindle on Amazon.

But I also buy books for my kids here, since I want them to experience what I did, growing up.  The tangible pleasure of walking into a bookstore, seeing the visual beauty of all the possibilities in front of you, selecting, touching, feeling the weight of a book in your hands, then the joy that comes from purchasing and walking away with something that will give you hours of escape into your imagination.

Amazon can’t do that.

Face in a Book
4359 Town Center Blvd
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
(916) 941-9401


Review: Fringe

I love this place.  Every time I come here, I end up buying something.  While the prices are not cheap, I find things that I don’t see elsewhere, so that makes it worthwhile for me.  Browsing through the racks of one-of-a-kind vintage dresses, tops and skirts, trying on Louboutin shoes, posing in designer bags and belts, all makes for a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

The owner, Audrey Wells, was working this past Sunday when I stopped in for a few minutes.  She immediately zoomed in on my vintage Chloe bag, which I’d bought at Fringe back in March, recognizing it as one of hers.  Now that’s a savvy shop owner!  She is very easy to talk to, giving suggestions for ways to wear different pieces of clothing, helping me find non-traditional ways to look at clothing options.

You know how you’re supposed to walk away from potential purchases, and only get them if you think about them over the next few days?  Well, there’s a pair of parrot green 4 inch heels made in Spain that fit me beautifully.  I can’t stop thinking about them.


2409 21st St
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 706-0216

Review: Anthropologie

Come Armageddon, and the only choice I have is to hide out in a store, I would pick Anthropologie.  Come to think of it, I wouldn’t wait for Armageddon…I would move in tonight, if they’d let me.  Hmmm.  I wonder how good their closing procedures are.  I have loved this store ever since I walked into their flagship store in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, oh so many moons ago.  I was on a business trip, and this store was a few minutes away from Market street…and I walked in and I was in love.  And I have stayed in love all through the years, purchasing clothes, shoes, home accessories, gifts for staff, paging through their catalogs which look like art house books…The beauty of the clothing they carry?  Like jewels, they are precious, seem so individual and eclectic…and no matter my size (which has ranged through the size spectrum over the years, pre- and post-kids!), I am always able to find something to fit me, which will also look divine.  Anthro has inspired me to veer out of my comfort range in clothing…find my inner hippie, yet keep it professional enough for the corporate career I find myself in.  And I never get rid of my Anthro clothing.  Can’t bring myself to do it.

I recently walked into the local branch in Roseville and left with more jewels for my collection.  One day, I hope to introduce my daughter to this mecca.  

And watch her eyes widen the way mine did…the first time.

1182 Roseville Pkwy
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 789-9100