Restaurant Review: Mylapore

If there’s one word to describe Mylapore, it would be staying power (that’s two words, I know).  They’ve been around for a long time, and I’ve been a loyal customer for just as long (except for a year break in the middle, when I’d had it with their service and inconsistencies). I believe they’ve found their winning formula: good food, consistent service, and an involved owner. All of these combine to make Mylapore a place I am happy to frequent, and bring my kids.

South indian food is their specialty. Their dosas never disappoint: served in a variety of different ways, the accompanying sambar and chutneys are yummy, and their thaalis are delicious.
Their chaat? I go elsewhere for chaat. Let’s leave it at that!

1760 Prairie City Rd
Folsom, CA 95630

Bakery Review: Dr. Bob’s Donuts

The bf’s boss brought a box of these donuts in for the crew yesterday in honor of National Doughnut Day. After hearing rave reviews from the bf on how amazing the donuts were, I asked him to pick some up for me to try today.

They looked amazing. Six, beautiful little rounds of glazed and nut-topped yumminess. And the first couple bites certainly were heavenly. The texture is more cake-like rather than the airy pillows I’m used to tasting in a donut, but that was fine. I’m okay with cake-nuts, as I call them! However, after a few bites, I noticed this almost bitter taste coating the roof of my mouth, similar to the artificial flavor I taste after I try one of the bf’s protein powder smoothies. (He usually has to add a lot of banana and yoghurt to mask that taste, but I can always pick it out). The taste didn’t go away, even after I tried to wash it out with some coffee.

So, on the whole, a good first impression, but since I can taste the powdered proteins they add, these donuts are not my bag, baby.

336 Lincoln St
Roseville, CA 95678